July Wrap-Up

I am very much aware that it is no longer July (it’s not even a little bit July. It’s very not July), but I have been gone forever so I want to do a wrap-up post for what you missed and then do another one at the end of this month. That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see how things go.


– I got my first full-time job! It’s really only a temporary position and ends sometime in August, but I’m hoping I’ll be hired permanently soon. It’s as a technical editor for graduate studies, so I’m editing a lot of theses and dissertations.

– Instagram has stopped working on my phone. And it’s horrible. I have the Amazon fire phone and it’s basically grown obsolete and is no longer compatible with Instagram. I feel so…empty and disconnected from everything.

– Also, no Pokemon Go. I’m very upset. I love Pokemon, but the app won’t work on my phone.

 Deacon spent the summer away at an internship. And I never want to go that long without him again. I’m glad he’s home now. =)

– I tried and failed at Camp NaNoWriMo. My original goal was to write 25,000 words and finish my gigantic WIP. I only wrote about 6,000 and only finished one chapter. Major failboat.

– Deacon and I celebrated two years of marriage! On July 18th. He was at his internship that day but we spent the weekend together so that was nice.



Relient K came out with a new album! I’ve only listened to it twice and haven’t bought it yet. They’re music has been changing a lot, but they hold a special place in my heart and I will always be a fan.

I might start watching Game of Thrones. Maybe. CinemaSins pretty much convinced me, but don’t make a big deal about it.

Marlin’s fishface in Finding Nemo/Dory kind of freaks me out. Too humanistic. (see also: Thomas the Train)

Does anybody else realize that Mew is really a mouse? I know his name is “mew” and everyone thinks he’s actually a cat but he is clearly based on a mouse, like the kind that is experimented on in labs (which is how Mewtwo was created).



rex report

Still healing from tearing his ACL. He also had to go to the vet twice: first to get his rabies shot and then to get tested for a UTI. For the first few weeks after I started working full-time, he started breaking his house training. And he is usually very, very good at not going in the house. His test came back clear, so I think it was mostly due to anxiety. But it’s been a few weeks now since he’s had any accidents, and Deacon is home with him during the day now.


He also got a free nail trim for his birthday last time we went to the vet. I usually go to the groomer’s to do it, but thought I’d save time and just do it while we were there. Rex always has to get muzzled whenever getting examined or his nails trimmed, but the lady at the groomer does it really fast so it’s not that big of a deal. But the vet laid him down on his side and held him there to trim his nails, which he was super slow at. It was awful. I’m going to the groomer from now on.

(Update: A lot has happened with Rex’s health in the last few weeks, so stay tuned for more information.)

tv shows
Attack on Titan
(omygosh this show. THIS SHOW IS AMAZING.)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mess (it was okay)
The Visit (liked it)
Room (liked it)
In the Heart of the Sea (very very not okay. I went in thinking this was a Disney movie. It’s definitely not a Disney movie)
Inside Out (rewatch – like it)
Finding Dory (liked it)
The Legend of Tarzan (liked it)
King Foo Panda (it was okay)
Allegiant (it was okay)
Star Trek: Beyond (liked it)

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman (liked it, but wanted more dragons)
I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson (liked it, but the first half was a struggle)
Landline by Rainbow Rowell (it was okay)


Tell me how your June/July was! Did I miss anything important while I was away? Have you watched Attack on Titan? (you should.) Do you see Mew as a mouse or a cat or something completely different? Let me know!

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