Mid(ish)-February Updates


– My mom’s cat had to have its leg amputated. Over Christmas break, Felix went missing for a day. My sister and I found him on Christmas Eve and he was severely injured. We’re not sure what happened, but it looked like he was attacked by an animal. His leg was badly broken and couldn’t be saved. But it’s been about two months now and he’s doing very well. Still the sweetest cat in the world.

– I got a new part-time job! I’m working on campus as a technical editing assistant. So far, it’s going really well.

Relient K released a new single and I really, really like it.

It has been a year since my first monthly updates post. Whoaa. Time flies.

Why are successful business women in movies always related to someone in charge? I noticed this while I was watching Ant-Man a few weeks ago. It’s like women can’t be successful by their own right. They always get the job because their father is the CEO.

OneDrive on Windows 10 was the best idea ever. I haven’t really been a big fan of cloud storage, but now that I have a desktop, it’s super convenient. I don’t have Lightroom for it yet, so I have to work with photos on my laptop, but OneDrive makes it soo easy to transfer everything.

Ed Sheeran is great and I’m glad that he finally won a grammy. Also yesterday was his 25th birthday. And the music video for Thinking Out Loud is lovely.

tv shows
I finally finished Switched at Birth season 4

I’ve recently discovered Drunk History and it’s so great.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2x)
The Revenant (liked it)
Ant-Man (it was okay)
Everest (it was okay)
The Aviator (haven’t finished yet)

Eleanor & Park (loved it!)
Beyond Culture (for school)
Stars Above (loved it!)

currently reading:
Document Design: A Guide for Technical Communicators (for school)
The Culturally Customized Web Site: Customizing Web Sites for the Global Marketplace (for school)
Ethan Frome (audiobook)
Fans of the Impossible Life (my friend Jenn bought it for me on Kindle and so far I really like it)

How has your February been going? Are you excited for the Academy  Awards? Have you read Stars Above yet? Let me know!


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