Rex Update (2 weeks after surgery)

Rex has still been doing really well. He’s walking better than he has in months, and his spirits are beginning to rise. He’s finally done with all of this medication. We’ve started him on a new form of glucosamine, which he is taking much better than the other kind he was on. (We used to have to give it to him with turkey & peanut butter, but he eats this new stuff mixed with his food.) It’s called Glyde, and it was actually sent to us in a care package from his former owner.


He had his 2-week appointment last Saturday, and though he was very nervous during the whole thing (probably afraid he was going to be operated on again!), his incision site is healing well. That means he is finally cone-free!

There has been such a huge improvement in his attitude now that it’s not on. He was pretty good with the cone, but he liked it a little less every day, and would shake after I put it on him in the morning. But now he can turn around in his cage without catching his head on the bars, and he can sprawl out in all different directions. He’s a lot calmer and doesn’t give us those puppy eyes as much.

I can’t believe he still has six weeks of recovery. He’s done so well so fast.

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