Rex Update (4 weeks after surgery)

It’s been a month since Rex’s surgery. We are halfway through his recovery!
Here’s a quick list of updates:
  • He graduated to 7-minute walks. Which means he gets to go to the park twice a day (albeit a really short trip)!
  • He has started to kick his legs again after he pees/poops. He used to do this all the time, but stopped after he was injured. He didn’t do it very much the first few weeks after his surgery, but now he’s back to full-on kicking. Grass and dirt go flying.
  • He can walk really quickly and even tries to run and hop around. He’ll even walk on the edge of the curb like a little kid, which he couldn’t do while he was hurt because he didn’t have the dexterity.
  • His appetite has been great. He has been eating every single meal, which he never used to do. We’re feeding him slightly less to keep his weight down, so that might be part of it. But I’ve never seen him so eager for food before.
  • He’s been sleeping in the bedroom with us. At night, we let him out of his crate and let him sleep in his bed in the corner of our room. He put up a gate so he can’t wander around, and he’s been sleeping there pretty well.
  • He jumped onto our bed all by himself. We don’t let him jump on things and he spends the majority of the day in his crate, but while I was getting ready for work the other morning, he jumped into the bed with Deacon. It’s a tall bed. He had trouble jumping into it even before he got injured, but did this like it was nothing at all. So we took it as a sign that he’s healing really, really well. (We didn’t let him jump down, though. Too hard on his joints.)
  • His hair is starting to grow back. Half of his butt is still mostly naked but it’s got some fuzz to it. There’s a strip that is starting to get blonder. Deacon is hoping it stays white.
That’s really all the new stuff from weeks 3 and 4. We’re starting on week 5 now. His checkup with the vet is on November 10, so we still have about a month to go. 
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