10 “new to the queue” books.

I know I just did a post like this last month, but I’ve added a lot of books to my tbr thanks to many deals from Amazon and renewed interest in Star Wars. (Most of them are graphic novels because apparently that’s all I have time for these days.) This post is also inspired by Jamie’s “new the the queue” series.
(also before I forget — I am going on vacation next week, so there will probably not be a post for the first half of the week)


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The Grisha trilogy // Leigh Bardugo
I finally got around to listening to Shadow & Bone (I can never remember that title) on audiobook and surprisingly didn’t hate it, so I just started listening to the second book. And I managed to get the Six of Crows duology during Prime Day so I guess I’ll be reading that, too. I think I’m just about the only person who hasn’t gotten through this series yet.

Turtles All the Way Down // John Green
Really, no explanation needed here. I will read anything John Green writes, and I’ve already preordered a signed copy.


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Eliza and Her Monsters // Francesca Zappia
I totally missed this release but I was okay with Made You Up and want to give this author another shot. Plus it’s about fandoms and online communities. It actually sounds a bit like my NaNoWriMo WIP. And maybe a bit like Fangirl, which I loved. 

Monstress, Vol. 1: Awakening // Marjorie Liu
I can’t remember which Youtuber was talking about this…either Kristina Horner or clarareadsbooks or maybe both? but it looks beautiful and intriguing and I am on a graphic novel buzz right now so I need it.


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Wonder Woman: Warbringer // Leigh Bardugo
I have never been much of a superhero fangirl, but I absolutely loved the new Wonder Woman movie and want to have more. And Leigh Bardugo! Who I’ve read from now! I really like it when authors I know are hired to write stories for fandoms. Or at least I think I like it….I haven’t actually read one yet.

Ms. Marvel, Vol 1: No Normal // G. Willow Wilson
So I somehow accidentally signed up for a 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited. I’m not going to renew my subscription because there isn’t a great selection, but they do have a lot of comic series that I’m interested in, so I’m going to be reading those this month. This is one that I’ve had my eye on for awhile, and after Kristina Horner mentioned it in her review earlier this month, I knew it was worth checking out.


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Ahsoka // E. K. Johnston
I am soooo excited to read this but I have to finish watching Clone Wars first. I started last month and am currently halfway through season three. It was kinda meh to start but now I’m really enjoying it. And when I saw that this is written by E. K. Johnson (author of Exit, Pursued By a Bear), I about freaked out. I just bought it during Prime Day and it will be in the mail soon.  😀

Darth Vader, Vol 1: Vader // Kieron Gillen
Again, while I have access to Kindle Unlimited, why not read some Star Wars comics? I’m almost done with Volume 1 of this and have Volume 2 downloaded. So far, the artwork and layout is gorgeous, but the dialogue is so-so. I feel like it was drawn before the dialogue was written, kind of like those bad lip reading videos.


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Lumberjanes, Vol 1: Beware the Kitten Holy // Noelle Stevenson
This was another series that went on my radar after Kristina Horner raved about it (you can see where I get all my recommendations). It’s by the author/illustrator that wrote Nimona, which I absolutely adored.

Threadworlds // Bryan Konietzko
This is still not out yet and I’m very unhappy about it! It was announced two years ago but its release date has been delayed. I can’t wait for it, though. Bryan Konietzko is a co-creator of ATLA and Korra (which you can totally tell from the artwork in this. It’s very Korra), and I think this is his first non-Avatar graphic novel. And there are bunny people! BUNNY PEOPLE.
(they might not actually be bunny people but all I have to go on is a few pictures)

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currently listening to Sway by Dmitry Evgrafov

What books have you recently added to your queue?
Did you get anything during Prime Day?
What is your favorite comic/graphic novel?


  1. Amy
    July 14, 2017

    I’m really excited for Wonder Woman: Warbringer, too! I’m usually not one for super heroes, but I absolutely loved the movie as well.
    Amy xx

    A Habit Of Solitude

  2. Kyra
    July 14, 2017

    I was never a superhero fangirl either but after watching Marvel and DC movies over Christmas (including the animated Wonder Woman movie) I became obsessed. I’ve read so many comics and graphic novels the past few months and I absolutely adore them. Hope you enjoy your selection! 🙂


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