10 things that will make me instantly want to read a book.

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This week’s theme: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book



10. It’s small enough to fit in my bag.
Size matters, you guys.
I want to be able to take it to work ( + literally everywhere else) with me and not draw attention. So under 350 pages please.


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9. It’s about people from this world in an age range that I can relate to.
Contemporary: check. New adult: check.
I can enjoy a fantasy or sci-fi every  now and then, but I’d much rather cozy up with a good contemporary. But I’m finding at 23, it’s hard to find a good age range. Young adult books are starting to feel too juvenile, but adult too foreign. Whenever I find a nice new adult contemporary, I’m sold. I’m so there. 


8. It has come to my attention via email from Amazon with subject ON SALE.
If I’m even a little bit interested in a book, I add it to one of my Amazon wishlists. Then they send me an email when it goes on sale (usually for under $2). Insta-buy.


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7. It’s by an author that I love with no strings attached.
Rainbow Rowell, John Green, J. K. Rowling, Marissa Meyer. These authors can do no wrong.


6. It has no further obligation in the form of several sequels.
I hate starting new series. There’s so much obligation. If I don’t like the first one, it’s very hard to just stop there…because what if the second one is better? And then this cycle repeats until they’ve taken all your time, money, and sanity.
Standalones are where it’s at.


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5. It has a friendly, minimalistic cover that does not stifle my imagination.
Yeah, I judge by the cover. You do too. Don’t deny it.


4. It has been praised by several bookworms that I respect.
I have about four or five reviewers that I follow on Goodreads that I pretty much trust with my life. They’re usually so spot-on. If they 5-star something, I’ll definitely be checking it out.


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3. It has circles on the cover that mean that it meant something special to someone.
I know that a lot of books get rewards for different reasons. Sometimes they just have more visibilty than other books, which is definitely the case with the Goodreads Choice Awards. But I’m still inclined to read the winners, and I’ll look at just about anything that’s won a Printz, Alex, or any other YALSA award.


2. It is about to become very popular and I will most likely be spoiled if I don’t act quickly.
Movie adaptations mean lots of hype, lots of visibility in my Goodreads timeline, and lots of spoilers sprinkled around the internet. So I’ll inevitably pick up soon-to-be-a-motion-picture books in order to stay in the loop.


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1. It allows me to walk a mile in another person’s shoes.
I like reading books from the perspectives of people that I am not. This includes books that address mental health issues, LGBTQ+ themes/characters, settings from around the world, etc. It makes me appreciate others and imagine them complexly, which I think has helped me grow as a person in the process. 

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What will make you instantly want to read a book? 


  1. Jo
    April 18, 2017

    I love books by authors I love. I have to admit, I love series, so if a book has sequels, I’m more likely to pick it up.
    Jo recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #103My Profile

    1. Emily Seals
      April 18, 2017

      I mean, it makes sense to like series. I’d hate it if Harry Potter ended after the first book. When you get a book that is just perfect, it’s hard to want to leave that world. I just find that more often than not, I don’t care enough to want to stay there. And I don’t want to feel locked in to buying and reading the same story/characters forever and ever.

  2. I’m completely opposite on #6. I love starting new series, although I’m currently in the middle of about a million series. Still, I love sinking deep into a setting and really getting to know the characters.

    Happy TTT!


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