a happy adoption day letter to our Rex // year two

Dear Furry Puddin’,

Earlier this week, you hopped up and over a concrete ledge at the park. Like it was no big deal at all. And for any other dog, it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s not that far off the ground. Most dogs could hop over it like the bunnies hopping over the log in Bambi. But your papa and I were both stunned…and overjoyed. I wish I would have gotten it on video so I could send it to your surgeons in a thank-you email.

To call this year “rough” wouldn’t even begin to encompass it. You’ve had a really sucky year. You were just starting to recover from tearing your ACL when you tore the same ligament in your other hind leg. We weren’t there when it happened. We had gone out to get dinner. You were fine when we left, but when we came back, you couldn’t walk.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. We had to wait a few days to see the vet, and I was terrified all week.

But it was okay. We learned that surgery was an option. A lot of people reached out to us to help, and it became clear that a lot of people love you. We even got into contact with your former owners, who sent you care packages and told us all about your time as a young pupper.

You spent four months in a crate this year. You could not sleep in the bed with us. You could not go to the park. You could not lay on the couch, or play with your ball, or look out the window, or chase squirrels. You were miserable, and we felt helpless.

But it was worth it.

You turned 9 years old last week. We gave you chopped up hot dogs in your dinner and you loved it, and you got new dinner bowls that are literally lined in gold, which we didn’t realize was probably excessive until after we brought them home. But you’re happy, so we’re happy.

I wish we had known you as a puppy. Your former owner  sent us pictures of you as a puppy and you were adorable. Your ears were floppy! It’s weird to think you had an entire life before you met us. You’ve had so many people love you over the years. But we’re glad you ended up with us, and we are incredibly grateful for the two years we’ve had with you so far. You’ve made us a family.


I hope this next year makes up for how miserable the previous year was. Be sure to make the most of it. Wake us up early with your snuggles. Nudge your leash for extra walks on the days that you’re feeling good. Get out every toy until you find the perfect one. Tap our wrists when we’re spending too much time on the computer. Show us how good it feels to be healthy and outdoors.

You deserve every moment of it.

We love you so much,

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