Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 Updates // Week One

Heyy everyone! I meant to post this yesterday, but this weekend had a bit more going on than I had planned (husband was out of town and father had to go to the ER. He’s okay, but we we didn’t get home until 11 pm and I slept a lot the next day). I’m also a little behind on my word count now, but I’m working on catching up. Since the first week of camp is over, I thought it would be a good time for an update.


I’m trying to finish my NaNo 2016 project. Working title is “Pizzagirl” but that’s definitely going to change. My goal for camp is to write 25,000 words, which is about 800 words a day. That will get the overall word count to about 80,000 words.

Current Progress (week 1)

I am in the middle of Part Two, which I might split up into two parts depending on how much content stays. I sat down the other day and plotted out everything else that needs to happen, and I think I should be able to finish it if I stay on track.

I’ve been relatively good at keeping up with my word count (except for last weekend). Eight hundred words a day is very doable. I’ve been able to write most of it during my lunch break at work during the week. I just broke 7k yesterday, which is the most I’ve ever written during camp! (Usually I abandon ship within the first week.) I haven’t written anything yet today, but here’s the current total:


About the Novel

I’ve written a little bit about what this story is, but I wanted to give you guys a little more information. This one is more difficult to share online than my past WIPs because it is much more personal. A lot of it is taken from personal experience, especially everything related to the MC coping with social anxiety. And it’s my first contemporary, so I’m still getting used to that.

Written during November 2016:
We meet our main character, Joanna, who loves video games and works at a pizza place across the street from an animal shelter. One day while she’s working the cash register, a Youtuber she is a fan of (Zackery Farr) walks in and orders some pizza. She has a bit of a panic attack. A few weeks later, she decides on a whim to adopt a dog at the shelter. Zackery is there, and after a debacle, he ends up driving her and her new dog home. They get to know each other and she helps him out with his videos. One day, she records a mock video while he’s away, and he later has it edited and publishes it without her permission. It gains a lot of views, and he decides that they should start a new Youtube channel together. She finally agrees, but then they have a lot of arguments about what kind of channel and who the target audience would be. She backs out of the project, but he doesn’t give up, and finally convinces her to go through with it.

Written so far during July 2017:
Joanna, Zackery, and Kalin (the video editor) begin working on their channel, Scientize. It’s going pretty well. Zackery keeps prodding Joanna about dropping out of college and not having a driver’s license, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. One day, he tricks her into a road trip and forces her to drive. She gets angry and ends up walking home. Afterwards, Kalin is furious at Zackery. Since then, Kalin and Joanna have become good friends, and Joanna finally feels like she has someone she can confide in. Meanwhile, strangers are beginning to recognize Joanna from Scientize and it’s freaking her out.



Here’s one from when Zackery drives Joanna home from the dog shelter. She’s freaking out because she doesn’t know if he recognizes her from the pizza place yet. And she doesn’t know how to casually bring up that she’s been watching him on Youtube for years

And here is a scene that I wrote a few days ago. Joanna is about to leave work. It’s just her and the manager, and it’s dark and raining outside. Joanna came to work on a bike, so she’s hoping that the manager will offer to take her home, but she’s too nervous to ask.


Future Plans

An overview of the rest of Part Two:
– Joanna meets Kalin’s family –
– Scientize starts a series about the science of Star Wars –
– Zackery pressures Joanna to quit her job to become a full-time Youtuber –
– A popular video about evolution does not go over well with her Christian family –
– Joanna decides to quit the channel –


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Are you writing anything this summer? If so, tell me a little bit about it and what your goals are!
Also any song suggestions for my writing playlist are highly appreciated.

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