Cruelty-Free Deodorant // Certain Dri and Nature’s Gate

Today I’m presenting the first of my series of products I was using pre-cruelty-free and what I’ve been trying out since my shift.

I’m gonna be real with you guys: I sweat a lot. More than the average person. It doesn’t have much correlation with temperature or activity; if anything, it correlates with how much social interaction I have in a day. (I have social anxiety, and I start sweating a lot whenever I talk to people, even if I know them really well. And at work, I usually meet with multiple students on a daily basis.)

I’ve had this problem since I was a teen and have tried a lot of different things to keep it under control. That’s why when I decided to go cruelty-free, I was a bit nervous about what I would do for an antiperspirant. Because normal stuff just does not work for me.

Roll-On Antiperspirant

Zerosweat Antiperspirant-100% Guarantee-Up to 7 Day Protection Per Use-No Mess Application-1 Bottle Lasts up to 2 Months                            Image result for certain dri
What I was using: ZeroSweat Antiperspirant  ($18.99)
What I’ve been using: Certain Dri Anti-perspirant roll-on ($8.71)

So these two are very similar products. And while I did try ZeroSweat first, I actually switched to Certain Dri before I decided to go all cruelty-free, and was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they are cruelty-free. So that worked out.

The application for both of these is exactly the same. You have to apply right before you go to bed. You cannot apply directly after a shower or after shaving. Both of these are roll-ons, but Certain Dri also makes sticks and products for different uses. I think ZeroSweat only makes the roll-on.

So the application for these are both annoying, but the main reason I originally switched from ZeroSweat was the irritation. After I applied it, it was incredibly itchy. So itchy that I could not fall asleep afterwards (and if you know me, you know how much of an anomaly that is). ZeroSweat claims to have 7-day protection as compared to Certain Dri’s 3-day protection, and while I found that to be generally true, it was not worth it to me. ZeroSweat did definitely work better and longer. I could maybe get five days out of one use, where I’m lucky if I can get two out of Certain Dri. But ZeroSweat is more than twice the price, and I’d rather have to apply Certain Dri more often than suffer through the awful itching and burning of ZeroSweat. And the fact that Certain Dri is cruelty-free really seals the deal for me; I don’t miss ZeroSweat at all.

(Also, when ZeroSweat came in, half of the product had leaked through the packaging, so it was a pretty big waste of money.)


Stick Deodorant

Image result for dove advanced care sensitiveNature's Gate Deodorant Stick, Winter Clean, 2.5 Ounce
What I was using: Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant, Sensitive ($4.16)
What I’ve been using:  Nature’s Gate Deodorant Stick, Winter Clean ($9.43)

To be honest with you, I’ve never found a stick deodorant that worked as an antiperspirant for me. It just doesn’t work. But if I only use the roll-on antiperspirants, my skin feels too dry and sticky and irritating. So I like to put a little bit of this on in the morning.

I’ve been using Dove for awhile. Before that, I was using Degree, which worked pretty well for a little while until it just didn’t. I started using Dove around the time I started also using roll-ons. I like it because they have several different scents. It says it lasts for 48 hours, but that was never true for me. It worked pretty well for day-to-day use, though. (Again, just as a deodorant for me. If I wore it without another antiperspirant, it sometimes worked fine if the day was relatively low-key, but not at all if there were any activities or talking to other people)

There were a couple of deodorant alternatives that I was looking at when I decided to try something new. I wanted something that was light; since it was being paired with a harsher antiperspirant, I didn’t want anything with harsh chemicals. I just wanted something that would be relatively moisturizing with a pleasant scent. I found the “Winter Clean” version of this Nature’s Gate deodorant and went with it.

I’m kinda torn about it, though…mostly because I can’t read. Fragrance was one of the main reasons I bought this, but it’s actually fragrance-free. And it’s definitely noticable for me; if I even start sweating a little, it just smells bad. It does not mask anything at all. But I do really like the formula. It’s almost more of a gel (whereas Dove is more of a powder), but it is still in a stick. Usually, gel deodorants are more liquid than solid, but this is definitely still solid. (Maybe balm is the better word to describe it.) And because of its consistency, it goes on really smoothly.

Unfortunately, I’ll probably try something different next time because I’m really looking for something with a scent. (I don’t know why they have different seasonal versions if there’s no scent? What’s the difference between them?) But if you’re looking for a lighter, fragrance-free vegan deodorant, you should try this one out.



Do you use cruelty-free deodorant? What is your favorite product?
Any recommendations/tips for profuse sweaters?


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