May 2017 Wrap-Up

– I turned 24. And I feel like I’m finally old. I’ve reached adulthood. I’ve crossed that threshold of no looking back.

– I was terribly sick. Which doesn’t happen to me very often but it really took it out of me. I think it was a sinus infection? Maybe the flu? I don’t know. I never went to the doctor because I kept thinking it would be a short little thing. But I ended up not having much of a voice for over a week. All better now, though.

– We said goodbye to Haven. My yellow VW bug that my parents got me when I turned 16.

It was a good little car. I loved it while it lasted. It’s had a lot of maintenance problems though and hasn’t run in over a year, so it was time to get rid of it.


 Why do these gloves have to specifically say they’re designed for women? Deacon were at the store to buy him gloves so he can wash the dishes (he has eczema on his hands, so the soap and water is too harsh on his bare skin). And every single box said it was “contoured for a woman’s hand.” I don’t usually get offended about this sort of thing but it really got on my nerves.

– Nobody back home knows what my job is. When we went home a few weekends ago we ran into some people we knew and one person asked how school was going for me. (I’m graduated.) Another person asked if I’m out for the summer. I don’t know if people think I’m still a student or still teaching, but I’m neither. I’m a technical editor. I work at the university, but I’m there year-round.

– The cover of Blue Lily, Lily Blue looks like Edward Scissorhands.

Image result for blue lily, lily blue Image result for edward scissorhands cover

– Never offer a  new pet to someone who has just lost theirsIt’s very inconsiderate. Let them grieve for their friend first.


rex report

Not a lot to report on Rex this month. He’s been shaking his head a lot the past few days, though, so I might schedule a vet appointment to see if there’s something in his ear. But that’s about it. He was really good about snuggling me while I was sick, which I appreciated. =)


tv shows
The Office (Season 8)
Black Mirror (started Season 3)
Switched at Birth (finished)
Sherlock (rewatching Season 2 & 3)
Attack on Titan (started Season 2)

Youtube Channels
Jamie Paige


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (liked it)
Alien: Covenant (liked it)
Alien (rewatch – like it)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (rewatch – like it)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (rewatch – like it)
Star Wars Ep. IV – VI, I, II (rewatch – love them all. except I)
Get Out (it was good but overhyped)


Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman (dnf – couldn’t get into it)
Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell (really liked it)
Saga, Vol. 3 by Brian K. Vaughan (liked it)
Saga, Vol. 4 by Brian K. Vaughan (liked it)
Attack on Titan, Vol. 7 by Hajime Isayama (liked it)
Attack on Titan, Vol. 8 by Hajime Isayama (liked it)
P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han (liked it)
Wires & Nerve, Vol. 1 by Marissa Meyer (really liked it)
Eleanor & Park (reread – love it forever and ever)

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currently reading
Bone Gap by Laura Ruby
Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

How was your May?


  1. Sarah Marchant
    June 3, 2017

    Normally I’m super resistant to anything that’s too hyped, but I’d been wanting to watch Get Out for ages. Finally did the other night and it was just incredible, both as a horror movie and as social commentary.

    1. Emily Seals
      June 6, 2017

      I’m really glad that people like it, I just didn’t quite feel the same way. The acting was great, but it didn’t feel like much of a horror movie to me. There were definitely parts where the social commentary was powerful, but I think it fell flat overall because of the actual motive behind the captures.


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