my favorite books with visuals.

Honestly, I haven’t read very many graphic novels. At all. It’s shameful. BUT I’M TRYING TO FIX IT.

So I can’t really do my top ten favorite graphic novels this week. So instead I’m only doing 5 books and opening it up to any kind of visual in a book.

Today I’m linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for a Top Ten Tuesday!
This week’s topic: All about the visuals!
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children // Ransom Riggs
(I somehow don’t own this, so I can’t show you the physical book. Sad day.)
How creeeeepy are the photos in this book? And to take those creepy photos and make a book out of them? That was actually at least somewhat entertaining? Super impressed. I read this entirely for the pictures but ended up enjoying the plot.
Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels // Gene Luen Yang
Oh, gosh. The colors, you guys. Every panel in every one of these books is gorgeous.
Abarat // Clive Barker
Vastly underrated (says me, who never read the sequel). This book is kind of like Alice in Wonderland, and if you’re not into that then you should read it for the artwork alone. It’s so cool and really makes the world come alive.
Attack on Titan // Hajime Isayama
A lot of people don’t really like the art style of this series? Granted, I’ve only read the first three, and the action scenes can be hard to make out sometimes, but I love it. I love how raw and furious it looks.

Nimona // Noelle Stevenson
(I literally just finished this last weekend.) 
It has a very unique art style. It’s simplistic, but in an endearing way. (Everything about this book is endearing.) It’s a bit of a spoof on traditional superhero comics, and there were several frames that were just gorgeously done. 
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What is your favorite book with visuals?

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