Petit Vour Unboxing // April 2017

If you’ve never heard of Petit Vour, it’s a monthly subscription featuring products that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The subscription is $15 a month and features about four products (typically 1 color item, 1 hair care item or fragrance, 1 skincare item, and 1 body care item), with some full sizes and some samples. You can subscribe here.

Last month’s box was very focused on skincare and I had mixed feelings about it, but this month’s seems to be more diverse. This is my last box in my 3-month subscription. I’m planning to do a review post next month on my overall impressions on all the items I received. I’m not planning on renewing my subscription (at least not anytime soon), but I did really enjoy it!

MarieNatie // Love Marie Lip Gloss
According to the card: Coconut and jojoba oil (among other naturally delicious things) moisturize and smooth surface of lips to maximize wearability. Available in five gorgeous shades.

This is a full-size item in the shade “Tickled.” I’m more of a lipstick person than lipgloss, but I actually really like this. It’s a good color and consistency.

Retail price: $19

French Girl Organics // Cuticle Oil
According to the card: This luxurious blend of high potency extracts and essential oils with a citrus-rose scent makes for a powerful treatment for healthier nails and cuticles.

I’m excited to use this. I always have dry cuticles, and this travel size is perfect.

Retail price: $10 (5 mL travel size)
(full size: $20 for 10 mL)

Suntegrity Skincare // Makeup with S.P.F.
According to the card: Did you know nearly every sun care product on the market contains toxic ingredients? Suntegrity is the answer to anyone who’s ever wondered if an effective, holistic sun care line exists.

I’d be all for this sunscreen/makeup hybrid except I’m super fair-skinned and the shade they sent me (golden light) is way too dark for me. Even in the summer when I’m slightly more tan, this would be too dark for me. I wish I could get another trial size. =(

Retail price: $5 (.25 oz trial size)
(full size: $45 for 50 mL)

Nubian Heritage // Body Lotion
According to the card: The founders of Nubian set out to bring the healing traditions of African Black Soap and Shea Butter to the community they loved in NYC. Using their knowledge of culturally authentic healing traditions, they created natural skin and body treatments, evolving their small line into a wide range of scrumptious products.

I already love this stuff. It smells great, it feels great, it’s affordable, it soaks into the skin rather than just staying on top of it like my Bath & Body Works lotion. But it has sweet almond oil, so I can’t use it near my husband.

Retail price: $3 (3 oz travel size)

The total value of the box adds up to be $37. I’m looking forward to all of these…except for the sunscreen, but only because of the shade.

Be sure to tell me if you’ve used any of these!

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