Rex Update // 4 weeks after 2nd surgery

Rex has now crossed the halfway point in his healing process! He still spends most of the time in his crate, but I’ve been letting him sleep in my office with me whenever I’m working on the computer. He’s so much more relaxed there.

He’s even started popping his leg up again whenever he wants belly rubs.


For weeks three and four, he went up to seven-minute walks, which is just enough time to run him to the park and back. Now, he’s up to ten-minute walks, so we have enough time to loop around the block and back.

We’ve also started letting him sleep in the bed with us at night, which means no more taking turns sleeping on the couch in the living room. We’re all a bit happier about it. And now I get morning snuggles and kisses. =)

We haven’t had any problems with him biting the bars of his cage yet like he did last time, but he does start whining anytime he thinks there’s a possibility that we’re leaving the house. I can’t make coffee without him making a fuss. So we’ve started leaving Netflix animal shows on for him while we’re gone. (He just got through one that was all about baby animals and it was so adorable.)

He’s walking really well and has started wanting to run around. There have been a few times when he’ll pull his leg up or skip a step, but those are usually on cold days. The weather has been really nice the past few days, and he’s been having a great time.

The only real issue we’ve come across is a dog that lives a few doors down. Her owner lets her run around the street freely, and a few times she’s run up to us and started barking whenever we try to go on walks. But she’s been chained up the past few days, so hopefully it becomes less of an issue.

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