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Spoiler Alert: This post contains minor spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Nothing about major plot points but some about how relationships end up. 

This post started with me linking up for a Top Ten Tuesday (this week’s topic: Romance freebie!). I wanted to do top ten ships I’ve shipped recently, but I haven’t really been reading a lot of romance? Then I thought I was just going to post some mini-reviews, but that didn’t seem too festive for Valentine’s Day.

So instead I want to talk to you about the dreaded Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I read this back in August, so it’s been awhile. Most people read it, threw it at a wall, then promptly erased it from memory. I get that. There’s a lot of things about it that feel so wrong.

But today I don’t want to talk about the part of the book that everyone hates. No major spoilers here.

I want to talk about Albus and Scorpius.

ALBUS: I can’t, okay?
SCORPIUS: You can’t what?
ALBUS: Just—we’ll be better off without each other, okay?
            SCORPIUS is left looking up after him. Heartbroken.

Scorpius is literally the best thing about Cursed Child. He has more personality than even the characters from the original series, and is much more lovable and adorable than anyone else in the story. He’s like when you see a cute puppy and you can’t contain your need to just squish it with love.

And from the very beginning, Albus and Scorpius are great friends. They meet in the same way that Ron and Harry do; Scorpius offers sweets to Albus on the train to Hogwarts. And then they both get sorted into Slytherin, and become best friends through difficult times (including the death of Scorpius’ mother, rumors that he’s Voldemort’s son, and Albus living in his father’s shadow).

But it’s really hard to deny that there’s more than just platonic love/friendship between them.

ALBUS: I don’t think Voldemort is capable of having a kind son—and you’re kind, Scorpius. To the depths of your belly, to the tips of your fingers. I truly believe Voldemort—Voldemort couldn’t have a child like you.
Beat. SCORPIUS is moved by this.
SCORPIUS: That’s nice—that’s a nice thing to say.
ALBUS: And it’s something I should have said a long time ago. In fact, you’re probably the best person I know. And you don’t—you couldn’t—hold me back. You make me stronger—and when Dad forced us apart—without you—
SCORPIUS: I didn’t much like my life without you in it either.

And I mean, Scorpius is clearly in love with Albus.

SCORPIUS: If I had to choose a companion to be at the return of eternal darkness with, I’d choose you.


SCORPIUS appears at the back of the stage. He looks at his friend talking to a girl — and part of him likes it and part of him doesn’t.

And when Harry is an awful parent and forbids their friendship, even Draco tries to get them back together.

DRACO: I’m not here to antagonize you. But my son is in tears and I am his father and so I am here to ask why you would keep apart two good friends.

But even though Scorpius is the best part of the book, he’s also the worst part. Because the writers never give us what is clearly there. Instead, Scorpius has a huge crush on Rose throughout the entire thing, which is just stupid. There’s no chemistry there.

And it’s a really wasted opportunity, in my opinion. There is very little (i.e., pretty much none) LGBTQ+ representation in Harry Potter. Yes, we know that Dumbledore is gay. But he’s not openly gay within the series.

I’m not asking for another Carry On. (Except yes, yes I am. Rainbow please write a sequel.) I’m not saying that Albus and Scorpius have to be Simon and Baz. I’m saying it’s a shame that their clear chemistry was downplayed.

BUT. We do get this in their last scene together (after Scorpius finally asks Rose out):

SCORPIUS reaches in and hugs ALBUS.
ALBUS: What’s this? I thought we decided we don’t hug.
SCORPIUS: I wasn’t sure. Whether we should. In this new version of us—I had in my head.
ALBUS: Better ask Rose if it’s the right thing to do.
SCORPIUS: Ha! Yeah. Right.
            The two boys dislocate and grin at each other.
ALBUS: I’ll see you at dinner.

Is that not loaded with subtext? I mean, really? That’s their last scene together, guys. Scorpius saying HA YEAH RIGHT as he’s really saying Albus I don’t love Rose I love you and only you to the depths of my soul and can’t we please be together don’t you see that we belong together?
It feels like the writers are just playing with us. They know we ship them. They WANT us to ship themIt’s basically one step behind Korra and Asami ascending into the spirit portal holding hands.

Related image

So in my head, they definitely ended up together and lived happily ever after and all really was well.

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Did you like Cursed Child? Do you ship Albus/Scorpius?
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