#TheReadingQuest Wrap-Up

As you may know, I participated in The Reading Quest challenge hosted by Read at Midnight. The challenge started August 13 and ends today, September 10. I chose to participate as the knight, and outlined all the books I had planned to read for the knight’s quest and side quests here. Since I’m such a slow reader, I didn’t really have high expectations for the amount I would read, but the challenge really helped me make reading a priority this past month. I was able to finally get through books that have been on my tbr for ages! I was able to complete the knight’s quest, as well as two of the side quests.

I meant to read the books in order, but after I decided to put Ahsoka on the list for the weapons-on-the-cover prompt, I realized I had some problems. I was still in season 5 of Clone Wars, and my husband was currently reading the book. So before I could read it, I had to finish watching all of Clone Wars and wait for Deacon to finish reading it, which is why it was the last book I finished. Everything else was pretty much in order, though, with the side quests coming in the middle because I had requested those books from the library and wanted to return them as soon as possible.

I also finished reading Siege and Storm on audio during the quest, but didn’t count that in my totals because I had started reading it before the challenge started. I also didn’t count the time I spent listening to the audio of Ruin and Rising.



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the first book of a series:  Half Bad by Sally Green
a book with a verb in its title:  The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness
a book with a weapon on its cover:  Ahsoka by E. K. Johnston
a book with a red cover:  Forgive me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick
a book with a TV/movie adaptation:  A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
side quest // mini-game:  Lumberjanes, Vol. 3 by Noelle Stevenson & others
side quest // open world:  Lumerjanes, Vol. 4 by Noelle Stevenson & others



Pages: 1,811    Level: 3    EXP: 110    HP: 182



Best Book: The Rest of Us Just Live Here
I gave this 4/5 stars, which I also gave to Lumberjanes, vol. 4 and A Monster Calls. Out of the three, though, I think I liked this one the most.

Longest Book: Half Bad, 394 pages
There was really no reason for this book to be so long. It could have easily been cut to 250.

Shortest Book: Lumberjanes (vols. 3 & 4), 112 pages each
I thought A Monster Calls would be the shortest, but these two graphic novels were both 112 pages each, making them easy to get through.

Honestly, I thought a lot of these books would be better. I was pretty disappointed by Half Bad, but at the same time, I really appreciated the deeper meaning of the book. I loved The Rest of Us Just Live Here, but the last 20% just wasn’t very good. Ahsoka was interesting, but there wasn’t really a good plot. I was probably most disappointed by Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, which I’ve heard nothing but good things about but I just…I just didn’t really like it. It’s an emotional book, and maybe it just wasn’t great timing for me. It was well-written, it just didn’t resonate with me in th way that books like that normally good. A Monster Calls was pretty much what I expected, and while I didn’t care for the artwork in vol. 3 of Lumberjanes, I really enjoyed vol. 4.


currently listening to // Your Heart is an Empty Room by Death Cab for Cutie


Did you participate in The Reading Quest challenge?
How many books did you get through?
Have you read any of the books I mentioned?


  1. Katie
    September 10, 2017

    This challenge looked like so much fun, I want to try one someday. I have A Monster Calls on deck so I’m hoping I enjoy it. My husband is big on Star Wars books, so he read Ahsoka, but I judge them unfairly by just assuming they’re all quick money grabs. He insists Lost Stars is good though, and I’m going to give it a try one of these days haha. Congratulations on completing the quest, I loved following along.

    1. Emily @ Mixed Margins
      September 10, 2017

      It was my first time reading something from the Star Wars expanded universe and I really didn’t know how it would go, but I like E. K. Johnston and the cover is SO PRETTY. I’m glad I finished watching Clone Wars first, though…otherwise I would have been a bit lost. I think you have to be a certain type of fan to enjoy it.

      Make sure you’re at a good place emotionally before you read A Monster Calls. It’s definitely not light or fluffy. But it’s really good.

      I hope they do it again sometime! It was a lot of fun, and I would like to try some of the different characters. 🙂

      1. Katie
        September 10, 2017

        I’ve been on a sad/heavy books streak so I’m fully prepared to be crushed lol.


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