10 things I’m dying to see in The Legend of Korra comics.


If you don’t already know, I’m just a little tiny bit obsessed with all things Avatar & Legend of Korra. I might have a dedicated tab for it in my header. And if you also didn’t know, the stories of ATLA and TLOK continue in comics. ATLA just wrapped up its 5th graphic novel trilogy, North and South (which I have not read because I wait until they release the library binding instead of reading each part separately. It’s preordered but won’t come in until November 😖).

Tomorrow, June 26th, the first installment in the first Korra graphic novel will go on sale in comic book stores (but you’ll have to wait until August 8th for mass market release). It’s called Turf Wars and takes place right after the series finale. Again, I won’t be reading it until I can get all three installments in one binding (who am I kidding I have no willpower), but I thought that this was a great time to post a list of 10 things I hope to see in the comics!

1. Korrasami ❤️
Related image

Korrasami is official and will be alive and well in the comics! I think this is what most fans are excited to see. Korra and Asami had a great friendship throughout the course of the television series, and the last shot of the series ushered us in to their romance, but we never really got to experience them as a couple. So I’m really looking forward to seeing how things are portrayed between them, especially since this is the first portrayal of a main character in a U.S. children’s animated series having a legitimate LGBT relationship. It’s groundbreaking and deserves more development than the hand-holding we see in the finale.
(as you can see, my opinion on the finale has definitely changed from my initial thoughts)


2. Reactions to KorrasamiImage result for korrasami

I want to see the coming-out story! I especially want to see Mako’s reaction. But I want it to be tasteful (and knowing the rest of this series, I think it will be). I want to know if there are other LGBT characters in the world of Avatar, or if Korrasami is something of a surprise to everyone.


3. Effects of the New Spirit PortalImage result for new spirit portal

I think this will be the bulk of the story, especially since the name is “turf wars.” We’ve already seen the friction between the spirits and people of Republic City after harmonic convergence, but now that there’s an actual spirit portal in the middle of the city, there is bound to be traffic going in and out. Will humans start living in the spirit world? Will more spirits come into Republic City? Will there be travel regulations? How will this affect the environment in both worlds?


4. Spirit Word ExpeditionImage result for korra spirit portal

We left off with Korra and Asami going on a vacation in the Spirit World because Asami had never been there before (they sent her back to the village with Tonraq during the Book 2 finale).  I really want to see where they go and what they discover during their trip. I’m wondering if the comic will start immediately after they get back, or if it will start with them entering the Spirit World.


5. Aftermath in the Earth KingdomRelated image

Korra worked as “the great uniter” after the fall of Ba Sing Se. She stabilized the civil unrest, but didn’t want to step down from her leadership role when Prince Wu was ready to take the crowd. After she is defeated in Book 4, the rule will go to Prince Wu, but he plans to dissolve the monarchy in favor of a democracy with elected leaders in each state. It will be interesting to see that transition, especially in Ba Sing Se.


6. New Jobs for Bolin and Mako
Image result for mako and bolin

We’ve seen these two go through a lot of jobs over the course of Korra. They were both pro benders when we met them, then Mako became a police officer, Bolin became a mover star, then Mako became Prince Wu’s bodyguard, and Bolin started working for Kuvira. Now that Kuvira has been captured and Prince Wu is stepping down, I’m curious to know where these two will be headed.


7. Kai and Jinora
Related image

Book Four moved so fast that we didn’t get any Kainora time at all. We only got like, two shots of them standing next to each other. We know that they’re still in a relationship, but I want to see how it’s developed over the past three years. Kai doesn’t seem like the same prankster that he was back in Book Three, and they have to work apart a lot of the time, so I wonder what it’s like whent they’re together.

I would also really like to see Kai get his airbending tattoos, but I think that might be a few years off.


8. Rohan Becoming an Airbender

We only get a very brief glimpse of Ronan in Book 4. We don’t even know if he is an airbender yet. Meelo seemed to become a pretty adept airbender at a young age, so I assume that Ronan will follow suit. Unless he’s a nonbender like Pema had hoped…
I’m also just looking forward to see more of the air nation in general. The opening of a new spirit portal might even lead to more people becoming airbenders? Just a thought. I really hope that the  culture stays alive and keeps growing.


9. Involvement with the Fire Nation
Image result for zuko dragon

The fire nation is the main antagonist in ATLA, so the creators chose to focus on other nations in TLOK. The fire nation took a major backseat during the entire series, with only glimpses here and there. I mean, we meet Firelord Izumi, but only for one scene. I really want to see how they have advanced technologically, as their nation was the most technologically advanced nation in ATLA (they were using steam engines before the other nations were). I also just want to see who Zuko ended up with, his line of descendents, how he found his dragon, etc.


10. Connection with Past AvatarsRelated image

So, Korra finally reconnected with Raava in Book 4, but the connection to her past lives remains severed. There will be more Avatars after her, but she will be the start of a new line, which parallels what she learns from Wan in Book 2. I get that, and I understand the creative decision to focus on what is forewards, not backwards. I’m not really expecting Korra to reconnect with her past lives, but it would be awesome to see some kind of homage to them.
Mostly Kyoshi, tbh. I love me some Kyoshi. 



I’m curious to know your thoughts! What are you most anxious for in Turf Wars?
Who do you ship the most? Do you think Rohan will be an airbender?
Do you think Korra will ever reconnect with her past lives?


  1. Abigail Lennah
    July 31, 2017

    OH. MY. SHISH KEBABS. I am so stoked for this!!! I honestly couldn’t get ahold of any other AtLA or LoK graphic novels because they’re so hard to get at my library, but I can’t wait for Turk Wars!

    Mako would probably be so confused and still shocked that two girls he previously dated… yeah. xD Can we see some Zhu Li and Varrick, though? AND MORE PABU PLEASE EVERYONE LIKES PABU.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    P.S. Also ship Jinora and Kai. But then there’s Tenzin being sooooo overprotected, agh.

    1. Emily Seals
      August 1, 2017

      YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH PABU. I feel like Pabu and Naga took a backseat in the later seasons, which is understandable but I really missed them.

      I hope you’re able to get ahold of this! It won’t be released in mass market until Aug 8, but you might be able to find it in comic book stores now (unless you live in a small town like me). I ordered the library editions of the ATLA graphic novels through Amazon, but they can be a little expensive. Makes good birthday/Christmas gifts, though! (If you had to choose which one to read, definitely go with The Search.)

      OMG Mako’s going to be so confused, and I’m going to love ever moment of it!! 😀


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