October Wrap-Up

events – My Avatar/Korra unanswered questions post is now my most-viewed post of all time. I don’t know how this happened but it’s been getting a weird amount of views lately. I think it’s time to do more Korra posts. Strike while it’s hot. (Also it was announced that Korra comics will be out next year!!) – I got a

August Wrap-Up

I realize that all of my pictures lately have been either of my bird feeder or Rex. Sorry about that? events – I got a job! I was finally hired as technical editor for graduate students at the university.  It’s my first ever permanent full-time position. I feel much adult. 🙂 I even have business cards now. And a nametag.

May Updates

events – I graduated! I am now a master and wrote an entire post about it. And a lot of people read it even though I really didn’t intend for it to be so popular? Funny the way that always happens. – Deacon has an internship. Which is great and awesome but also means that we’re spending a lot of

April Updates

I’m sorry that these monthly updates have turned into bi-monthly updates. I promise I’ll try to post more now that graduation is approaching. events – I’ve been listening to podcasts. I’ve been interested in podcasts for awhile now because I’m relatively audio-oriented, but for some reason I assumed that subscriptions to podcasts cost money, like buying songs on iTunes. I

Early-December Updates

I haven’t done updates in forever, I know. This post started in October, and then went through November, and now we’re a week into December and it still hasn’t been posted. GAHH. events – I have finally decided to get back into playing Pokemon. I’m getting a 3DS for Christmas and will jump into playing SoulSilver. I only ever played