Top 35 Greatest Disney Moments

The following list contains my favorite moments from animated Disney movies. (please note that there are a few out there I have not seen, such as The Princess and the Frog.) I may have missed something, so please be free to leave your thoughts and comments. And know that this post is ranking moments, not songs, although several songs are

Top 5 Favorite Female Villains

I know there are probably several more out there, but these are my personal favorites. 5) Catwoman I know there are several different renditions of Catwoman and I haven’t experienced most of them, but whenever I do see her, she’s awesome. 4) Maleficent I thought Maleficent was cool when I was a child, I think mostly because of the crow. But

A Thought on Disney’s Frozen

Spoiler Alert! Plot Twist:     Kristoff only ends up with Anna so he can exploit her sister’s power in order to get ahead in his ice business. –This was clearly his idea all along, beginning from when he was a child. He noticed Elsa’s power when they were children and began thinking about the possibilities. –Of course, later on he