December Playlist

I started making this playlist on Saturday, excited to step into the land of winter. I tried to stay with a softer, music-in-the-background-as-you-put-up-the-tree feel. I also tried to stay away from Christmas carols…not because Christmas carols are bad, but because you hear them everywhere this time of year. So this is not a Christmas playlist. It is a December playlist. Hope


So May is my favorite month. Mostly because it’s the month that I entered the world, but also because it has always been the start of summer. And really, I typically hate summer, transitions, and saying goodbye to all my friends. But in that first day, there’s the overwhelming joy that you and all your classmates feel as you exit

I hate coming here.

I hate coming here. It’s not that it’s creepy. It’s not. The grass is an incredible shade of green and always neatly cut. There’s an elm tree not far off that I know is a five-star hotel for all the nearby woodland creatures. The robins are stuffing the air with their melodies this very minute. It’s a bit secluded, that’s