6th Blogiversary!

That feels like a long time for blogging, even if it went by relatively quickly. I’ve been thinking a bit about my blog lately. Six years and what is there to show? Almost 700 posts, hours and hours of time put into it, and only a handful of subscribers. My views have gone up in the past few years, but

Bookish Confessions

I’m doing a wonderful job keeping up with my new blogging schedule, right? XD I meant to post this Wednesday, I honestly did. Life got in the way, as it often does. I realized that I have never talked about my bookish confessions. I have many of them. So many that I often question whether I like books at all?


I turned 23 yesterday! And I was determined to post this then but so many things happened and it didn’t happen. A few not-so-great things have gone down this week, but a lot of nice things have happened, too. I have no major complaints. A lot of people have sent me nice messages for my graduation and birthday and I