NaNo Adam

A few details about my NaNoWriMo 2014 novel:  It’s science fiction I don’t like science fiction. Ender’s Game? Hated it. So this should be interesting It is nothing, NOTHING, like Ender’s Game. All the names for characters are taken from towns in Missouri just as homage to this lovely region. No, I didn’t name anyone Park Hills or Farmington.  It’s

Unknown Fragment of a Story

“And can you tell me what year it is?” She was hovering over the foot of the bed, tightly clutching the clipboard in her hands. Her coat was sterile-white and pressed. It blended in with the vacant walls behind her so well that if I let my eyes unfocus, she looked like nothing more than a floating head. Another balloon

I hate coming here.

I hate coming here. It’s not that it’s creepy. It’s not. The grass is an incredible shade of green and always neatly cut. There’s an elm tree not far off that I know is a five-star hotel for all the nearby woodland creatures. The robins are stuffing the air with their melodies this very minute. It’s a bit secluded, that’s